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The Darkness II - Q&A: The BASICS

July 19, 2011

What inspired the change in artistic direction?

The hand-painted graphic noir art style in The Darkness II pays homage to the world of The Darkness comic books visually, by creating a more illustrated style that uses a dynamic cross hatching technique. The hand-coloring in the game creates a more dramatic contrast and allows for a more energetic range of tones when it comes to lighting and color. This can help to emphasize not only the different locations in the game, but also the different moods and moments throughout the story.

What is Quad Wielding and how does it work?

Quad Wielding refers to your ability to use Jackie's demon arms—powerful manifestations of his Darkness powers that are at the ready as long as he stays out of the light—while simultaneously holding two firearms. The demon arms have the ability to grasp, carry, throw, or rip apart objects and enemies, but do not prevent you from firing your more conventional weapons at the same time, creating a massive amount of destruction in a short amount of time.

Who is Jackie up against now?

Jackie is being targeted by Victor Valente who leads The Brotherhood, an ancient organization with knowledge of The Darkness that has become corrupted, and now seeks to gain control of the power. Additionally, Jackie and his associates in the Estacado crime family are being attacked by other mob organizations, putting an end to years of more-or-less civil relations.

who are some of the familiar faces from the first game that will be returning IN DARKNESS II?

Jimmy the Grape and Aunt Sarah will be back, but they're not the only ones!

Will Jenny be back?

Jackie's girlfriend Jenny Romano was killed by Uncle Paulie during the first Darkness game, causing Estacado to seek bloody revenge on his former employer. However, her memory still weighs heavily on him, and she still has an important role to play in the story...